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Julia Ferch

Certified economics & media translator


I translate your marketing and media content from English into German.

As a state-certified economics translator and media professional I provide translation skills combined with in-depth knowledge of my specialist fields. I know my way around the challenges that come with translating marketing and business texts as well as audiovisual and digital content.

That means you can focus on what is important for your business, while I translate your texts creatively and accurately, targeted at your German-speaking audience.

When I am not translating, you can find me on my yoga mat, buried in a book or out and about with my husband, daughter and dachshund.

Über mich

Language Services

With a professional background in the media industry 

and an economics translation certificate 

I specialize in marketing and media.


Business & Economics

  • Marketing translation & transcreation

  • Corporate Communications

  • Texts with economics background

As a certified business translator, I understand the importance of clear and accurate translations in a business environment. I offer translations into common "business German" that will ensure your message is understood exactly as intended. Regardless of whether it is corporate communications, journalistic articles or other texts with a business background - I work diligently to ensure that your content effectively reaches the German audience.


Audiovisual Media

  • Subtitling​​

    • English - German

    • German - German

    • with or without Template​

    • incl. timing ("spotting")

Thanks to my experience in TV production, I know firsthand how audiovisual media is shot and edited and I have a good understanding of storytelling. Because when translating videos and movies, the right timing is just as important as a creative translation of the content. When it comes to subtitling, I'll be happy to do the spotting for you in addition to the translation, and pay particular attention to a comfortable reading speed.

Tischaufbau mit Geräten

Website Localization

  • Web Localization

  • App Localization

  • UX Writing (in German)

Localizing website texts can involve more than just translating the words. There is a lot to consider, especially in the areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX). With my previous experience as a Digital Marketing Manager and my special training in SEO translation and UX Writing, I am looking forward to helping you localize your online and app content.

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Julia Ferch | Freelance translator

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